Shocks Repair and Services

   Worx offers full line service and repair for many OEM rear shocks. The "Heart Transplant" is Worx' re-valve of the stock shock. Rather than just add a few shims, Worx installs a new piston of the same design used in the Worx UltraCross rear shock. This modification can also include seals and shaft bushings as optional repairs. For shocks with bent or damaged shafts, Worx has the "Guts" cartridges. These cartridges replace the shaft, eye or clevis, the bumper, seal head and dust cap and include the "Heart Transplant" piston - basically all the insides of the shock. The cartridges are available in a standard version and a rebound adjustable version and are installed in a serviceable shock body. These modifications are available for many OEM dirt bike and ATV rear shocks.

   Maintenance and repair of Worx shocks, no matter how old, are performed by our service department. All Worx shocks can be re-built and serviced.