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The Worx Shocks Philosophy
   Worx Shocks has built a tradition of winning championships. This same winning tradition goes into every Worx shock--whether it's for off-road motorcycles, ATVs, high-performance street bikes or custom cruisers.

    Each Worx shock is built to order based on the rider's:
  • weight,
  • specific length requirements,
  • chassis geometry,
  • and intended use.
   We do not have "one size fits all shocks." Since 1973, that's been the Worx philosophy: "shocks custom-built to each order." It sometimes takes a little longer to make them (as opposed to off-the-shelf) but we feel that the benefits in handling and comfort are worth the wait. All the shocks are rebuildable, and are covered by an exclusive 30-day "Performance Guarantee" -- the ride and handling will meet your expectations or Worx will re-spring and re-valve the shocks at no charge, except for shipping. Worx Shocks -- made in America!

General Construction Features
   Work's shocks are made in the U.S.A. of aircraft-quality materials -- hard-chromed, high tensile steel shafts and billet aluminum components. Unlike many stock shocks, Worx can be serviced or repaired rather than thrown away. In many cases, Worx shocks can be equipped with optional remote reservoirs that feature a polyurethane bladder for smooth fade-free damping in the toughest competition situations. The springs are wound from chrome-silicon wire, shot peened and set to solid. Worx shocks feature a computer-calibrated check ball, spring and orifice damping system that is unique in the shock industry. This allows each damping curve to be specifically tailored to the combination requirements of rider, machine and terrain.

Multi-Rate (Single / Double / Triple rate) Spring Sets
   Depending on applications, single-, dual-, or triple-rate springs are available, Dual-rate springs are just that -- a spring set with two separate rates. This is done with a short spring stacked on a longer spring. As both springs collapse they produce a soft, or initial, rate. The spring set will maintain this initial rate until the short spring stops compressing (at a preset mechanical point). At that point, the spring rate "crosses over" to the stiffer, or final, rate. The triple-rate springs feature three distinct rates. This multi-rate system allows a soft initial rate for comfort on small bumps, but has the capability of soaking up the big bumps, pot-holes, pavement breaks and other on-road hazards and all of the jumps and square-edged holes seen in off-road riding.

The ARS Adjustable Rate System
   Adjustable Rate Suspensions (ARS), standard equipment on some Worx shocks, is also offered as an option for many other street bike shocks. ARS allows the rider to increase or decrease the load-carrying capacity of the shocks up to 50 percent without changing the preload of the springs. This allows the shocks to be correct for solo riding, but then handle the increased weight of a passenger and/or baggage. ARS is also used during solo riding to stiffen the rates for aggressive riding, or for riding on rough, broken pavement. The ARS system consists of an indexing lever and stepped cup that contains the short spring. The position of the lever in relation to the steps in the cup determines how long the spring set remains on the initial spring rate. On most ARS applications, four positions can be selected from full-stiff to full-soft. Indexing is done by rotating the lever or the cup by hand.

Tracker Series Street Shocks
   The Tracker series of shocks for street bikes includes the machined aluminum Billet Tracker, the Street Tracker, and the Steel Tracker. These are high-pressure gas shocks that feature: a 1-3/8-inch damping piston; 1/2" diameter, chromed, high-tensile-steel shaft; Worx' exclusive valving system; and powder-coated, chrome-silicon steel single- or dual-rate springs. The Billet Tracker features a 7075-T6 billet aluminum body with threaded spring preload adjustment. The new Street Tracker, which mates a chromed steel pressure tube to a machined billet aluminum shock eye. A hidden nitrogen fill valve gives the new Street Tracker a clean, smooth look. The Steel Tracker has a cad-plated welded steel body. Options for these shocks include billet or cast ARS, chromed springs and billet appearance cups. Typically Tracker series shocks range in overall length (eye-to-eye) from 10-1/2 to 15 inches.

UltraCross & UltraSport Rear Shocks
Stadium Series  Ultrasport    The UltraCross, for dirt bikes and ATVs, and the UltraSport, for single shock street machines, are the state of the art, maximum performance shocks. The feature either a high strength 7075-T6 billet aluminum or weld steel body, an induction-hardened, high tensile steel, 5/8-inch diameter shaft and 1-13/16-inch piston. The unique check ball, spring and orifice damping system allows and extremely wide range of damping that cannot be matched by conventional wafer-style shock designs. These shocks have 18-Position rebound adjustment and threaded preload for easy ride height adjustment. Most are equipped with a hose-mounted remote reservoir. An optional 16-position adjustable compression reservoir is available on certain applications.

DuraCross, DuraSport & QuadStar Rear Shocks
   These rugged rear single shocks feature large5/8-inch, hard-chromed steel shafts and huge 1-13/16-inch diameter damping pistons. These shocks have threaded preload adjustment and can be equipped with hose-mounted remote reservoirs. The DuraCross (for dirt bikes), the DuraSport (for street bikes) and the QuadStar (for ATVs) are large-bodied steel shocks that are designed and built for rugged use and long life.

Gasser, A-T Steeler & Dirt Tracker Shocks
   The Gasser (for twin shocks and some single-shock dirt bikes) the A-T Steeler (for ATV fronts and some light-weight rear shocks) and the Dirt Tracker (for motorcycle oval and TT racing) are high-pressure gas dampers that feature a 1/2-inch, hard-chromed steel shaft and a 1-3/8-inch diameter piston with six-stage damping. The Gasser and A-T Steeler shocks utilize a durable, welded steel body with clip-type pre-load adjustment. Most can be equipped with optional hose-mounted reservoirs and threaded preload. The Dirt Tracker bodies are made of 7075-T6 billet aluminum and have threaded preload adjustment. This series of shocks ranges in overall length (eye to eye) from 8-1/2 to 18-1/2 inches.

Pro Series Damping-Adjustable Piggyback Shocks
   Worx Pro Series Shocks feature external damping adjustments. The shocks are a composite design constructed of billet aluminum reservoir web and eye with a durable steel pressure cylinder. The shocks are available with either compression only, or compression and rebound adjustments. Sixteen compression adjustments are available through a screw above the reservoir.

    Rebound adjustable shocks feature a heavy-duty 5/8-inch shaft.
  • Military spec coating dissipates heat and resists corrosion
  • Billet aluminum reservoir web
  • Eighteen compression adjustments
  • Eighteen rebound adjustments
  • Durable steel pressure cylinder
  • Spherical bearings with dust excluders
  • 5/8-inch C1050 induction hardened high tensile steel shafts (rebound adjustable)
  • Threaded spring preload

Pro Series Damping-Adjustable Remote Reservoir Shocks
   Based on the Gasser, A-T Steeler and Tracker shocks, Worx has the Pro Series Shocks. These shocks incorporate the 1-3/8-inch piston design, mated to a heavy-duty 5/8-inch shaft. The damping is externally tune-able through 18-position rebound and 16-position compression adjustments. The Pro Series uses spherical bearing eye bushings (where applicable) and all are equipped with threaded preload. Pro Series shocks are available for specific applications such as ATV front shocks; single and twin- equipped street bike shocks, and a number of Mini Motocross machines.

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